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The NFL or abbreviation of the national football league is a sport that is popular in superpowers namely the United States. but in parts of the world are also able to start pioneering by holding this sport. with the lack of talk of many people, this game is less interested or not yet in this game. but if we say it is very interesting if we look at it first for how to play a name or better known by many people, namely the name rugby.

this game is very much needed extra stamina and strong body endurance in order not to falter when fighting the ball or secure it. in the accessories in this game using such a safety head so as not to occur or to minimize the possibilities that exist as well as on the team's t-shirts are also inserted into the safety of the body. what's the point for? the point for players is not to get seriously injured in playing this game. if you want to watch NFL matches in our channel only.